How To Make Bel Juice | MOTHER'S RECIPE | Bel Sharbat Recipe | Wood Apple Fruit Recipe

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In the new Episode of "MOTHER'S RECIPE" learn how to make Bel Sharbat Recipe on Rajshri Food How To Make Bel Sharbat | Bael Fruit Recipes | Bel Ka Sharbat | Bel Juice Recipe | Wood Apple Juice | Wood Apple Recipes | Bael Juice Recipe | Easy Sharbat at Home | Refreshing Summer Drinks at Home | Summer Recipe | Fruit Juice | Healthy Drink Recipe | Sharbat Recipe | Instant Summer Drink Recipes | Rajshri Food | Mother's Recipe Bel Sharbat Ingredients: 1 Bel (Wood Apple) 1/2 Ltr Drinking Water Powdered Sugar (as per taste) Rose Water Ice Cubes #MothersRecipe #WoodAppleJuice #BelSharbatRecipe #AnybodyCanCookWithRajshriFood Visit our Website for more Awesome Recipes Download the Rajshri Food App by clicking on this link:- Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited Subscribe & Stay Tuned - For more videos log onto Find us on Facebook at Aegle marmelos, commonly known as bael, also Bengal quince, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, stone apple, or wood apple, is a species of tree native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The fruits can be eaten either fresh from trees or after being dried. It can also be produced into candy, toffee, pulp powder or nectar. If fresh, the juice is strained and sweetened to make a drink similar to lemonade. It can be made into sharbat, also called Bela pana, a drink made of pulp with water, sugar, and citron juice, is mixed, left to stand a few hours, strained, and put on ice. One large bael fruit may yield five or six liters of sharbat. Bael fruits are of dietary use and the fruit pulp is used to prepare delicacies like murabba, puddings and juices.