Sattu Sharbat | MOTHER'S RECIPE | How To Make Sattu Ka Sharbat | Sattu Drink | Summer Recipe

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In the new Episode of "MOTHER'S RECIPE" learn how to make Sattu Sharbat on Rajshri Food Sattu Shabat Recipe | Sattu Drink Recipe | How To Make SUmmer Drink | Sattu Ka Sharbat Recipe | Sattu Sarbat Recipe | Refreshing Drink Recipe | Sattu Drink Benefits | Easy Sharbat Recipe | Sharbat For Summer | Quick & Easy | Rajshri Food | Mother's Recipe Sattu Sharbat Ingredients - How To Make Sattu Flour - 0:00 1 cup Roasted Gram How To Make Sweet Sattu Drink - 1:28 2 tbsp Sattu Flour Water Sugar (as per taste) Chilled Water How To Make Savoury Sattu Drink - 2:11 2 tbsp Sattu Flou Water 1/2 tsp Roasted Cumin Seeds Powder 1/4 tsp Indian Black Salt Juice Of 1/2 Lemon Chilled Water Iced Cubes Mint Leaves (for garnish) #MothersRecipe #SattuSharbat #SummerDrinkRecipe #AnybodyCanCookWithRajshriFood Visit our Website for more Awesome Recipes Download the Rajshri Food App by clicking on this link:- Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited Subscribe & Stay Tuned - For more videos log onto Find us on Facebook at Sattu is a type of flour, mainly used in Nepal, India and Pakistan. It consists of a mixture of ground pulses and cereals. The dry powder is prepared in various ways as a principal or secondary ingredient of dishes. Various varieties of sattu are prepared in both countries: during Bathukamma in Telangana, and as a refreshing drink among farmers during summers in Pakistan. Sattu is an essential part of vegetarian cuisine as it can be an important source of protein. In Bihar, it is commonly served cold as a savory drink during intense heat waves in summer or as a porridge or soft dough. Sweet dishes combine sattu with fruit slices, sugar and milk. In savoury dishes, sattu may be flavored with green chili, lemon juice and salt. It is a popular stuffing in parathas. In Punjab, it is used as a cold drink to mitigate heat and dehydration effects. The traditional way is to mix it with water and shakker(Hindi) (jaggery). Here sattu is a mix of toasted, ground barley, while some variants are also prepared by grinding roasted grams.