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A Korma is a warming, spiced and super flavorful curry from the Indian Cuisine. Make this TASTY Hotel Style Mix Vegetable Korma. Detailed written recipe below:

This Hotel Style South Indian Mixed Vegetable Korma is made in a pressure cooker on the stovetop. But you can also make the korma in a pan or in the Instant Pot. There are many regional Indian variations when making Korma.

In a Vegetable Korma Recipe, the veggies are never kept al dente, but they are cooked until softened or tender and in some cases until mushy. If you prefer to have al dente vegetables, than cook them for less time.

Add your favorite veggies or a combination of vegetables like carrots, green peas, bell pepper or capsicum (any color), green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, corn, baby corn, aubergines, broccoli, parsnips, potatoes, zucchini.

You can also make the veg kurma with a combination of various mix vegetables or make it with only one or two to three vegetables.

For a vegan version, omit adding the curd (yogurt) or make with vegan yogurt.

Serve Vegetable Korma with flatbreads like roti, naan, chapati or with fried breads like poori or with steamed rice.

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