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Upma is a delicious traditional breakfast dish from the South Indian cuisine.

Making upma recipe is very easy and makes for a quick tasty breakfast. It involves cooking roasted rava in water that has been seasoned with ghee (or oil), cashews, urad dal (lentils), chana dal (husked, split chickpeas), onion, herbs and spices.

Sugar can be added for a mildly sweet and savory dish. I do add sugar, but you can skip if you do not prefer a slight sweet taste.

You can easily make this rava upma recipe vegan by using oil instead of ghee. The main ingredient in upma is rava. It is also called as ‘suji‘ in Hindi and ‘cream of wheat’ or ‘semolina’ in English. Basically rava is simply finely granulated wheat.

When you make upma, make sure to use fine rava and not the coarser variety. Bombay rava also works well.

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