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  • 2020-10-19
  • 2021-1-15
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Bringing you this festive season Rabdi Tres Leches Cake - 3 Milk Cake recipe that will make your moment sweeter with each bite Every successful dessert starts with a good kitchen scale and in our case Atom Scales (Website link - https://bit.ly/3o7q5xi) The weighing scale we used while preparing the recipe is Atom A 120 - http://bit.ly/atom-a-120 Check out our Rabdi recipe here - https://bit.ly/35g8drk Ingredients Required: FOR THE SPONGE 130 gms Flour 2 gms Baking Soda 2 gms Baking Powder 138 gms Milk 80 gms Sugar 5 gms Vanilla Essence 90 gms Oil 0.5 gms Cardamom Powder FOR THE SAUCE 60 gms Milk 60 gms Fresh Cream 60 gms Condensed Milk TOPPINGS Rabdi Pistachios Rose Petals #TresLeches #TresLechesCake #Rabdi #Festive #AtomScalesXSimplyJain #SimplyJain Follow and interact with us on other social media platforms! Facebook - facebook.com/simplyjain Instagram - instagram.com/simplyjain1