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Learn how to make Tasty Breakfast Recipe 'Grilled Samosa Cheese Sandwich' with our chef Bhumika Bhurani.

Grilled Samosa Cheese Sandwich is the basic solution for leftover samosa's. It taste's delicious and makes a perfect breakfast recipe. It can be enjoyed with Tomato Ketchup; of which you can find the link below:
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Ingredients for Grilled Samosa Cheese Sandwich:
- 2 Bread Slices
- Butter
- Sweet & Sour Sauce
- 1 tsp Mint & Coriander Chutney
- Tomato Slices
- Capsicum(julienne)
- Onion Slices
- Samosa
- Chaat Masala
- Cheese(grated)
- Butter

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Host : Bhumika Bhurani
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